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How long will delivery points keep packages? [Guide 2020]

How long do packages stay with agents

How long do packages remain at agents?

How long can a package stay with an agent for PostNord, Schenker, DHL, UPS or Bring? In this article, we explain everything you need to know about each agents package stay times!

As e-commerce continues to increase steadily in Sweden, more and more packages are being picked up via delivery points. However, many private individuals do not know how long a package can remain at a delivery point before it has to be picked up, or what happens if it is not picked up at all.

As long as the package can remain with the agent

How long a package can remain at a delivery point depends on which forwarder delivers your goods. In general, 14 days is usually the rule, but as we see below, there are exceptions. This is how long your packages can remain with each carrier:

Bring: At Bring, your package can remain for 13 days, day 14 it is returned.
DHL: DHL keeps your package for 13 days, day 14 it is returned. For parcel lockers, it is 11 days that apply, day 12 it is returned.
PostNord: PostNord stores your parcel for 6 days, day 7 it will be returned. With the option: Extended storage, the parcel is stored for 13 days, day 14 it is returned.
Schenker: Schenker's agents can store your package for 9 days, day 10 it is returned.
UPS: A package can be at UPS service point for 9 days. It is then returned to the UPS terminal at day 10, and finally back to the sender.

Due to limited space at the agents, the packages are picked up immediately on the return day. Therefore, it is important to pick up the package/packages within the storage period.

What happens if you do not pick up your packages?

It varies within the time frame depending on which carrier is hired. In the vast majority of cases, the goods are returned. This means that the package is sent back to the sender. The return is due to the fact that drop-off points are often smaller kiosks and shops that have limited space for storing goods.

The return cost varies based on which carrier is hired. The carrier invoices the sender, who in turn invoices the recipient for the return cost. In some cases, you can contact your sender and ask them to extend the stay with the agent. This is done for a fee. Whether it is possible to extend the lying time or not, is based on which forwarder has been hired. If you will not be able to pick up the package within the time frame, contact your sender to see if it is possible to extend the lying time.

To be sure of the rules that apply to your particular package, we recommend that you contact your sender. The sender is aware of which carrier has been hired and what applies to the pick up.

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Updated on: 01/10/2021

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