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Customize your account through the features under My pages to get more out of your shipping at Shiplink. My pages help you take full advantage of Shiplink's capabilities and simplify your shipping as much as possible.

Most shipments are sent to recurring addresses. With the help of an individual address book, you as a customer of Shiplink do not have to manually enter the same address several times. This, and lots of other smart features, can be found under the tab My pages.

How do I access My pages? You can use the functions under My pages as soon as you have registered with Shiplink. Click here to create account!


Previous bookings : Track your shipments and track your shipment history. If you need to contact customer service regarding a previous shipment, you will find the booking number and order confirmation here.
Order History : See all your orders collected in clear list format.
Shiplink Connect : Read more about Shiplink Connect [here.] (Https://
Invoices : Here we collect all your invoices, both new and old.
Address Book : Save addresses in your address book to facilitate the ordering process. With the address book, you do not have to fill in the address more than once when sending to returning customers.
Types of goods : Do you often send packages with the same dimensions & weight? Maybe you have 4-5 standardized packages, then enter the dimensions of the packages so you do not have to fill them in manually during each order.
Company account : Make sure to create a company account and you will collect all information and all invoices in one place. We can also make it easier for your company's administration by generating weekly collection invoices for all your orders. Choose yourself if you want to have them sent to you free of charge by e-mail or at a cost by letter.
Users : Add and remove users within the company account.
Account : Are there more people in the company who place shipping orders? Create multiple individual accounts and link them! Each account can have preset default addresses to facilitate the booking process.

How can I receive my invoices? You can choose to have your invoices sent to you free of charge via email or by letter for a small fee. As a member, you can also choose a collective invoice to facilitate your administration.

If you have any thoughts or questions regarding My pages, just contact our customer service and we will help you!

Updated on: 22/09/2021

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