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Shipping terms

List of shipping terms

Shipping terms

Shipping terms can be complicated. Therefore, we have compiled a list of definitions of frequently used terms, to simplify for you as a customer.

A large part of our work for simpler freight lies in explaining the various concepts that are often encountered in the freight industry. The definitions below are included in our General Terms and Conditions and are seen as binding in the event of a dispute. Therefore, it is important that you are aware of their meanings.

What distinguishes a pallet shipping from a package shipping ? A package is light and timely enough for a freight forwarder to carry. A pallet is larger and heavier goods that must stand on a freight pallet and be transported with the help of a pallet tractor.


User : The person who booked the shipping and approved the application of our General Terms and Conditions.
Sender : The company that is responsible for the goods until it is picked up by the responsible forwarder.
Current Regulations : The laws, regulations, rules and transport law conventions that are currently applied.
Recipient : The company or individual who is to receive the shipped goods.
NSAB : When you read our General Terms and Conditions, you often come across the term NSAB. NSAB means the general regulations of the Nordic Freight Forwarders' Association in 2015.
Forwarder : The company hired to perform the transport services. As a customer, you are usually notified of which forwarder picks up the goods in connection with your booking confirmation and in the receipt of the transport documents.
The freight forwarder's current terms : The general terms and conditions that the contracted freight forwarder applies to his freight.
Shipment : The goods that are transported from a sender to a recipient. A booking can contain several separate bookings, and thus also several shipments.
Transport Services : The services booked by the User through Shiplink's website in accordance with the General Terms and Conditions. For example; parcel shipping to companies, general cargo to companies, full pallets to companies, packages with home delivery, batch with home delivery, import flights, export flights & couriers.

If there are any thoughts about the definitions, contact our customer service) or read our [General Terms and Conditions.] (Https://

Updated on: 17/09/2021

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