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Before Black Week, Black Friday, Cyber ​​Monday & Jul
Updated 2021-10-27

Due to Covid-19 as well as a general peak and driver shortage, extensive effects on the carriers' capacity and lead times are forecast for the coming period. To secure your transport, it is even more important than previous years to be out in good time. Feel free to contact customer service to get a better idea of lead time, especially for time-critical shipments.

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Black Week, Black Friday & Cyber Monday
Dates: Black week 22th - 28th Nov, Black Friday 26th Nov and Cyber Monday 29th Nov.
During and after Black Week (which includes Black Friday), delivery times may be slightly longer than normal. Especially on the shipping services to delivery points but also home deliveries. However, the delivery time should not increase by more than 1-2 days. All the carriers we collaborate with have prepared in different ways to meet an increased demand for this holiday.

Before Christmas Eve
Below we have compiled some dates for guidance with the goal that delivery takes place before Christmas. The date below indicates when your shipping should have been picked up at the latest to be delivered before Christmas. All dates are for guidance and delivery times cannot be guaranteed. This is because neither resources nor weather can be guaranteed, especially due to the still ongoing pandemic.

For shipping to private individuals
Parcels to delivery point in Sweden - Friday, December 17th
Home delivery parcels in Sweden - Wednesday, December 15th
Pallets with home delivery in Sweden - Thursday, December 9th

IMPORTANT INFORMATION - Limited capacity at a drop-off point
In connection with increased volumes, it may become full at certain delivery points in Sweden and Europe. This means that another nearby delivery point may be relevant for extradition. A delivery point has a maximum capacity for handling packages. Temporary shelves are often built to increase handling. All to be accommodating companies and recipients. We advise you to inform your consignees (buyers/customers) already with the purchase/order to pick up packages from the delivery point directly.

Parcels to delivery point in Europe - Friday, December 10th
Home Delivery parcels in Europe - Wednesday, December 8th
Pallets with home delivery in Europe - Wednesday, December 8th

For shipping to companies
Parcels to companies in Sweden - Friday, December 17th
Pallets to companies in Sweden - Friday, December 17th

Business parcels in Europe - Thursday, December 9th
Pallets for companies in Europe - Thursday, December 9th

Import & Export in Europe
Depending on demand, several countries with lower capacity and fewer departures to and from Sweden are operated.
For estimated delivery dates to or from your destination, contact customer service.

Import & Export World Wide
Depending on demand, several countries with lower capacity and fewer departures to and from Sweden are operated.
For estimated delivery dates to or from your destination, contact customer service.

All delivery times are estimated delivery dates, they are based on previous years statistics and they should be seen as guidance - not a guarantee.
Please note that financial compensation is not possible for delayed transport due to high volumes. If the delivery date is important, it must be sent earlier.

Advice for upcoming holidays

We have collected some important points as advice for upcoming holidays. November and December are hectic months both for you as an entrepreneur but also for all carriers and drivers.
Packaging materials - Create checklists so you do not miss steps in the daily work when the load increases.
Checklists and routines - Create checklists for the entire company and important processes.
Sufficient resources? - Do you have enough resources for packaging the upcoming holidays?
Create insight into the company - Plan joint meetings with the entire staff, regardless of position, everyone can provide important input and good questions.
Get help from your suppliers - Feel free to contact us at Shiplink for your questions or concerns, how can we make it easier for you during this period?
Increased risk of injury - In connection with the volumes increasing, the risk of injury also increases. Remember to still pack everything according to the need of the content, even though there is more to do. Do you have questions about packaging or other concerns about the risk of injury. Contact our complaints department.
Notification and delivery notice? - Alot of people work from home and other places also many offices close before Christmas, review if you need to make options in your booking.
Unexpected events - A distinctive goods (e.g. stickers and tape with a logo) can make it easier for the carrier to find the goods if e.g. address labels are damaged. An additional address label on the box can also help the carrier complete the assignment if the unplanned occurs.
Damaged goods - Sometimes the accident occurs, unfortunately, it is important that you notify Shiplink customer service within 7 days of the goods being received.

Feel free to contact our customer service if you have any questions or concerns!

Shiplink's customer service opening hours
🟡 23 dec: 8:30-12
🔴 24-26 dec: closed
🟢 27-29 dec: 8:30-17
🟡 30 dec: 8:30-12
🔴 31 dec-2 jan: closed
🟢 3-4 jan: 8:30-17
🟡 5 jan: 8:30-12
🔴 6 jan:**closed**
🟡 7 jan:**8:30-12**
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