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Goods insurance & basic protection

Below you have everything you need to know about damage to or loss of your goods.

Unfortunately, shipments and deliveries are sometimes affected by unforeseen events. Therefore, it always pays to take the safe before the unsafe.

Should I insure my freight? We at Shiplink always advise our customers to insure their freight. This is easily done in the third step when you place your order.

Goods insurance with Shiplink and If.
At Shiplink, we always urge our customers to insure their freight. No matter how much we work to ensure that transport runs as smoothly as possible, there are external factors that cannot be influenced. Bad weather conditions, slippery road conditions and the human factor are just some of the circumstances that can have a negative impact on freight.

You can insure your goods through our partner If, according to two price levels depending on the goods' cost of goods. Either you insure it up to SEK 30,000, or SEK 150,000.

Basic protection and Shiplink's responsibility
Shiplink's cost liability in the event of damage to or loss of goods is limited to what is stated in point 9 of the general terms and conditions. We follow the indemnity template received by NSAB so that everything goes by law. Based on their guidelines, the basic protection pays a compensation of SEK 150 per kg of the weight of the goods.

Unauthorized and invalid goods
In any case, our rules for invalid or unauthorized goods apply. Invalid and unauthorized goods

Are there any question marks regarding the terms of damage or loss, or do you just want to know more? Read our General Terms and Conditions or contact customer service.
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